Our Plan

Every Sunday, we are working carefully on developing our Sunday gatherings. We are committed to making our gatherings safe and secure so that as many people as possible can attend each weekend. 


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What to Expect

Our services will have many of the familiar elements – worship, prayer and preaching etc – but they will look quite different to our services pre-lockdown.


Those attending will need to arrive between 10:05-10:20 in order to get everyone safely into their seats before 10:30am. Please note the Car Park will be available for parking. There will be a designated parking area for you when you arrive at the Car Park. 

During the service

During the service, you need to remain seated or standing by your chair, unless you need to use the toilets and any other emergencies. Services will be approximately one hour long. 



Frequently Asked Questions


+ Will I be safe attending services?

+ I am considered vulnerable. Should I attend?

+ What if I have symptoms?

+ What about Children and Youth?

+ Can I choose where I sit?

+ Can i attend more than once?

+ What about the toilets?

Albany Phiri, 25/09/2020