What we Believe
our beliefe

We believe in living out our Christian faith as effectively as possible, making an impact with those who do not know the great news about Jesus Christ.
We believe we should share that good news of Jesus, equip people in their faith journey and see them live their faith out, in the world.

In SCC we believe in…
  •  We believe that the scriptures (i.e. the Old and New Testaments excluding the Apocrypha), as originally given are plenary-verbal inspired, infallible and   inerrant. They are the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  •  We believe in the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; three distinguishable Persons, but one indivisible God.
  •  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He is fully God and fully man.
  •  We believe that Jesus died for our sins; was buried and on the third day He rose up from the dead; ascended into Heaven and will return in Glory to collect His bride the Church.
  • We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues as a real experience after salvation, leading to the sanctification of the believer through the inner working of the same Holy Spirit.
  •  We believe that the gifts of the Spirit operate today in the same way that they were manifest in the early church.
  • We believe that God created the world as recorded in Genesis. We believe that God created man; he was tested and fell, resulting in the total depravity of human nature
  • We believe in the salvation of sinners by grace through faith. There are four foundational elements for the Christian life. These are: one, repentance; two, faith in God (believing); three, baptism (by immersion) in water; four, being filled (baptised) with the Holy Spirit. 
  • We believe in the table of the Lord (also called communion table, the Lord’s Supper or breaking of bread). This is an ordinance that we as believers should observe.
  • We believe that the devil is real, has a personality and that his eventual destination is the lake of fire created for him and his angels.
  • We believe in the resurrection of the dead, the judgment of all mankind, eternal life for believers and eternal punishment for unbelievers.
  • We believe that there is one true universal church. This is also called the Body of Christ and is comprised of genuine believers. This one true universal church is also composed of many local churches in a given area.
This text was taken from the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith page