ANTHIOCH SCHOOL OF MINISTRY 2Antioch School of Ministry 


The vision of ANTIOCH School of Ministry is to develop biblically rooted, contextually relevant and Spirit-filled leaders to reach people and make followers of Christ from all nations.

ANTIOCH School of Ministry (ASM) is a new two-year training program, which aims to equip church workers, leaders, ministers, and would-be ministers, in the areas of Bible, theology, preaching, evangelism and discipleship, and other necessary areas of study for effective ministry. We are targeting not only Sheffield Community Church people but also pastors and workers of nearby churches who may benefit from such a ministry training school on a part time basis.

ASM is open to welcoming students from local churches as part of our share of responsibility in serving the Body of Christ by contributing to their ministerial training and personal spiritual growth. We would like to work in partnership with the local churches by seeking your permission to release your flock to be part of this training program. We envisage a day in the near future when this School of Ministry with be more diverse in its faculty and scope as it takes on board other ministers and pastors in the city to join the faculty.
For more details, contact the Director of ASM on: 0114 2376 0603 or