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Sheffield Community Church is  apostolically affiliated to Faith Ministries International. SCC receives apostolic oversight from Faith Ministries International Council (FMIC) chaired by Rev. Ngwiza Mnkandla, the presiding Bishop of Faith Ministries International based in London, UK and working apostolically into nations. 

FMIC has churches in Zimbabwe (Faith Ministries Zimbabwe led by Pastor Percy Kadziyanike), South Africa (Faith Ministries South Africa led by Mr Munatsi Sande), Botswana (Faith Ministries Botswana led by Pastor Edgar Nyabadza), and the United Kingdom (Faith Ministries UK led by Dr Anderson Moyo).


Faith Ministries UK Churches

fmuk churchsFaith Ministries UK Churches is a growing apostolic family of churches with a diverse group of people from various nations whose vision is to reach people and turn them into fully devoted followers of Christ.


Faith Ministries UK Churches are ‘a called diverse people with a mission’
The leadership of our family of churches embraces certain beliefs, values and commitments that we consider essential. This is how we want to live together as a part of the people of God! As a family of churches we will live according to these core commitments.

Currently FMUK is made up of Faith Ministries London in Enfield | Sheffield Community Church in Sheffield | Transformation Life Church in Manchester and Vienna Lighthouse Church in Austria.  
There are some relationships that are developing with a view of becoming a part of the FMUK family.


A. We are MISSIONAL – ‘A church that is planting churches.’
B. We are METROPOLITAN – ‘Going where people are – a people on the move…’
C. MULTI-ETHNIC – ‘Reaching out to the ethnos and making them disciples of Christ’


Faith Ministries Zimbabwe

logoSheffield Community Church is historically and relationally linked to Faith Ministries Zimbabwe because that is where it was planted from when people moved into the diaspora. Faith Ministries Zimbabwe is a charismatic, Bible based ministry. The vision of Faith Ministries is to Reach People and Turn Them into Fully Devoted Followers of Christ (Matt. 28:19-20).
Faith Ministries was started in 1976 by a Scotsman called Alastair Geddes.  Ngwiza Mnkandla took over leadership as senior pastor in 1984 and that year marks the beginning of the present shape of Faith Ministries.