MISSION: What we do

Make Disciples through Relationships

Through relating with people, training and teaching, caring and encouraging, equipping and empowering them, we are committed to produce fully devoted followers of Christ.

We believe that for us to fulfil the great commission by evangelism and discipling followers of Christ, we need to build a compelling relational environment through which men and women will have their lives transformed into Christlikeness. . Jesus’ disciples seek to make disciples who make disciples. There is an expectation of MULTIPLICATION in Jesus’ parting instructions in Matthew 28:19-20.

STRATEGY: How we do it

  Our Strategy2
Root believers in Christ, Bud in relationships, Blossom in service and become Fruitful in mission
“In the days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will bud and blossom and fill the face of the world with fruit.” Isaiah 27:6

                              GROW IN CHRIST AS YOU BECOME ROOTED IN HIM
GrowthROOTED - means to be established, foundation, base, cause, or source.
What is a disciple? A devoted follower, a learner, an apprentice, one under authority of someone, and a student. God uses His Word and the Holy Spirit to transform us into Christlikeness (2Tim. 3:16-17; Romans 12:1-2). Followers of Christ have to be raised in the fear of the Lord and walk with a mature believer in the context of relational environment of love and accountability so that they can grow and become like Christ. Jesus is God and the Word that became flesh (John1:1, 14). God wants you to grow in your walk with Him and bear fruit - Discipleship!
The two key characteristics of a devoted follower of Christ are FAITHFULNESS and FRUITFULNESS

                               & WITH OTHERS
CommunityTo BUD is to break out, break forth, sprout, spreading, sprint out.
The word 'communitas' is a Latin word meaning community with a purpose and that expression encapsulates who we are at SCC. It captures the sense of sharing, togetherness, and intimacy that develops among persons who share a common experience, and in our case, it is salvation through the redeeming work of Christ on the cross. It describes a community which forms around a costly, challenging, adventuresome mission - following Jesus as his Spirit-empowered witnesses.
The first priority of Communitas is to LOVE GOD with all you have got!  The second one is to LOVE PEOPLE and be an inclusive community.
God commands us to love one another - Demonstrate it! Every member needs to be a part of a MISSIONAL LIFE COMMUNITY.
MLCs are places where one can be known, supported, and challenged to go deeper in their relationship with each other and to grow as followers of Jesus. It is a great place that provides a real opportunity to discover or live out our God-given calling and to missionally engage our community.
                              SERVE - BLOSSOM IN CHRIST-LIKE SERVANTHOOD

Serve 2To BLOSSOM is to cause to flourish, a season or time for flowering, to thrive. Before one can blossom, the first priority is to be PLANTED and ROOTED (to a local church). Jesus knew where He came from, who He was and therefore was not intimidated by what people would say when He did menial tasks - John 13. He was in the Father and the Father was in Him because He and the Father are one. Jesus’ ministry blossomed because the nature of His ministry was service. In God’s Kingdom, ministering to others means serving them. Scripture urges us to be like Jesus Christ, who throughout His earthly ministry, was motivated by bringing glory to His Father and no interest in winning accolades for Himself (John 8:54; Phil. 2:6-7). The greatness principle is to look for opportunities to serve others every day.  Serving expands your influence and breaks barriers to expanding your ministry.

Celebration 2FRUITFUL means to produce a result, abundance, produce, output, Increase.
The mission is God's, not ours! He promises to be with us always (Matt. 28:16- 20).
God promises to fill the world with His fruit through us. God is a missionary God and the church is a vital instrument of God’s mission to the world. God wants us to GO into 'OUR' world and bear fruit. God wants us to not only preach this faith, but LIVE it out. The gospel preached and taught produces changed lives. It brings about faith (Romans 10:17) and from then on allows a person to start a journey with God. All people need the gospel on a daily basis for spiritual transformation resulting in freedom and fruitfulness. When we meet on Sundays we celebrate Christ.