THEME FOR 2018-19: “Your Kingdom Come”

f8aa61af-9a9b-45f8-aa29-a1336eGod has a plan for our lives that goes beyond salvation experience. He wants to reign in our lives and guide us in how to live life in full, in a way that matters in heaven. We as his people, our cry and prayer this year is simply; “YOUR KINGDOM COME!” This is our theme this year as a family of churches. For the kingdom of God to manifest, we have to interface/engage with these 4 keys (which happen to be the keys into the book of Acts);

1. The Power of Prayer
2. The Holy Spirit
3. The Word of God
4. The Name of the Lord

When these are active and manifest in our lives, we will then witness the Kingdom of God Come;
a. In us (Transformation)
b. Through us (Mission)
c. Around us (Impact)
This order of God’s kingdom invading us is at the heart of “reaching people and turning them into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” We will be going through the book of Acts this year to explore and learn about how the Kingdom of God worked in the lives or ordinary men and women with an extra ordinary mission and shook the world of their time.

Glory be to God!