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Your Kingdom Come
Achill Mayala
Achill Maya, Expands on some of our Core values that govern our lives since we became fully devoted followers of Christ. It is important that one has values they live by and ours are Bible centred.
Family Unlimited
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Our Life Style
Lydia Moyo
Mrs Moyo teaches on the lifestyle values expected of us as a church family
Our Lifestyle
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Elder Mbodi
Elder Mbodi Teaches on the virtue of commitment and its function in serving GOD according to the gifting He has endowed us with.
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #1: Generocity
Pastor Anderson Moyo
KC- Generosity
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  • Recorded: 14/07/2019
  • Length: 48 minutes
Kingdom Culture - Principle #6: Authority
Anderson Moyo
Pastor Anderson Moyo continues to teach on Principles of the Kingdom, this week focusing on Authority. He takes us through the importance of GOD's Structural Organisation and its implications in our Lives, Families, Communities, Cities and Nations
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #5: Worship
Anderson Moyo
Pastor Anderson Moyo continues to teach on Principles of the Kingdom, this week focusing on Worship. in this sermon he expands on how Worship is central to entering into the presence of GOD, however before you worship, one auto to observer the correct protocol to enter into such Hallowed Territory
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #4: Unity
Anderson Moyo
Pastor Anderson Moyo teaches on the importance of Unity in the Kingdom of GOD and the care with which that unity should be founded on the correct basis. The Primary reading is from 1 Chronicles 11:4-10
Princeple 4: Unity
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #3: Relationships
Anderson Moyo
Kingdom Relationships
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #2: Compassion
Anderson Moyo
Pastor Moyo, Follows up the teaching on faithfulness with a teaching on the value Compassion plays in drawing people to the Kingdom and how as Christians we need to have compassion in our lives. This will help draw many to the Kingdom
Kingdom Princeples: Compassion
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Kingdom Culture - Principle #1: Faithfulness
Anderson Moyo
Pastor Anderson Moyo Introduces a new Series on Kingdom Culture. He Primarily Focuses on the Principle of faithfulness in all our endeavours and how this principle is core to unlocking the greater Spiritual Gifts of the Kingdom
The Kingdom Culture
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