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Next Level Easter - The Family Altar.mp3
Ps.A.Moyo explains what is the secret of strong family, where do strong family come from and how to build strong family in Christ.
Next Level Easter - The Family Altar.mp3
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  • Length: 43 minutes
Next Level Easter - Commitment.mp3
Mrs N Murinye teaches us on the importance of commitment. What is it that compelled Ruth to stay with Naomi her mother in law.
Next Level Easter-Next Level Commitment.mp3
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Next Level Easter: Covenant .mp3
Pastor A Moyo talks to us about the significance of a blood covenant. A Covenant ceremony is an agreement made between two parties with far reaching implications. In Genesis 15, God made a covenant with Abraham that was significant to his descendants and to the new believers in Jesus Christ in the New Testament and beyond.
Pastor Moyo - The Altar of the COVENANT.mp3
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Next Level Easter: Altars of Easter
Anderson Moyo
Ps. Anderson explains that an Altar is supernatural portal that connects the physical to the spiritual. The supernatural is more real than the physical. God's anointing is the signature of His presence over your life.
Alters of Easter_Prayer .mp3
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Next Level Faith #4: How To Amaze Jesus
Achile Mayala
The faith of the Centurion encourages us to approach Jesus based, not on our situations but on the revelation of who Jesus is.
How to Amaze Jesus
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Next Level: Life by Design
Mr Nkosilathi Moyo
Living a life of purpose. If you're not intentional with your God given life; you could quickly find yourself back to default setting. Next level is about being intentional.
Lifeby Design
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MP3 Audio 55.2MB (51:07)
Next Level Faith 6: Persevering in Faith
Ben Munyaneza
Hello beloved of GOD; this week, our message comes from Mr Ben Munyaneza, an exhortation to keep the faith even in the times of trial. He takes us through the story of Joseph, showing us how trails and tribulations refine us and prepare us for greater purpose if we keep faith in the one who promised to never leave nor forsake us.
Persevering in Faith
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MP3 Audio 35.8MB (32:50)
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  • Recorded: 16/02/2020
  • Length: 32 minutes
  • Reference: Genesis 37-45
Next Level Faith 6: Faith to Overcome Walls
Phil Semwayo
Greetings saints, this week our message is from Mr Phil Semwayo teaching us how to have faith even in the face of daunting prospects.
Faith to Overcome Walls
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MP3 Audio 31.2MB (31:37)
Next Level Faith 5: An Exodus Into Faith
Justin Phiri
Greetings beloved of the Lord, Our message today is from Mr Justin Phiri. Through the story of Exodus, he teaches us on how to partner with GOD in His will and not be burdened by our limitations, but rather, have faith and trust that GOD can use us no matter our shot comings. Listen and be Blessed
An Exodus of Into Faith
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MP3 Audio 51.3MB (46:48)
Next Level Faith 4: Build Your Ark
Achill Mayala
This week we have Mr Mayala preaching on the faith of Noah and what we could learn from him. He teaches us to not be discouraged during those periods of waiting as Noah had to wait 120yrs for GOD's word to come true, but it did come through. Listen and be blessed
Build Your Ark
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MP3 Audio 29.9MB (30:16)
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